Bio-dynamic Grape Juice (Italy) 750ml + Herbs of Life Kombucha 330ml (Combo Set) 意大利活力農耕葡萄原汁 750ml +康普茶 330ml (套組)

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Bio-dynamic White Grape Juice (Italy) 750ml + 1 Herbs of Life Kombucha 330ml (Combo Set) 1 意大利活力農耕葡萄原汁 750ml + 1康普茶 330ml (套組)

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Humble Food's Grape Juice (Mosto d’uva) is made according to old Italian and traditional recipes used to prepared grape juices. It started by heating grapes, stripped from the stalks, at low temperatures. The subsequent extraction of valuable substances from the skin, produces a juice that preserves complexity and richness of the scents of the different varieties of Lambrusco grapes used. It’s intense flavour makes it a pleasant drink, a unique grape juice.

Ingredient : Grape Must, Organic and Biodynamic

Product of Italy

Best Before : 2023


Kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol, around the same as an unpasturized fruit juice. Ours sits at 0.5% Alcohol.

Kombucha fermentation is lactic acid fermentation not an alcoholic fermentation. The sole objective of kombucha ferment is to produce lactic acid and probiotics not ethanol - unlike beer, wine, or cider.

The only input that can vary ethanol is the initial sugar input, and or the combination with other alcohol producing yeasts.

Do not consume if you’re avoiding alcohol

Storage : Keep in Refrigerator always

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